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Cozy Bundle

Cozy Bundle

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Let's Elevate Your Space! Picture this: It's a crisp evening, and you're cocooned in your favorite blanket, sipping tea while our Cashmere and Vanilla Woods candles cast a warm, inviting glow. These enchanting scents infuse your home with an irresistible sense of coziness and comfort.

But wait, there's more! Pamper yourself with our luxurious Brown Sugar Scrub, designed to leave your skin feeling soft, cozy, and utterly indulged. With this divine combination, you'll be irresistibly drawn to the cozy comforts of home—no other choice but to stay snug as a bug! 🕯️🛁✨

Indulge in the Luxe Trio:

  • Vanilla Woods Candle (9oz)
  • Cashmere Candle (9oz)
  • Brown Sugar Scrub

    Indulge in the Luxe Details:

    • Crafted with U.S. Grown Soy Wax for an Eco-Chic Experience
    • Adorned with a Reusable Glass Jar—Sustainable and Oh-So-Stylish!
    • Features a 100% Unbleached, Lead-Free Cotton Wick for Pure Elegance
    • Infused with Phthalate-Free Fragrance—Sensory Bliss, Sans Guilt
    • Hand-Poured in Small Batches—Each Candle a Work of Art
    • Promises a Natural & Clean-Burning Experience for a Touch of Opulence
    • Anticipate an Expected Burn Time of 50-60 Hours—Luxury That Lasts!


    Let's talk about our luxurious skincare! Picture this: pure, natural ingredients sourced from the most exotic corners of the globe, meticulously blended to pamper your skin like royalty. Now, if you happen to have a touchy relationship with certain ingredients, we recommend playing it safe.

    If you suspect you're allergic to any of our divine concoctions, it's best to skip the product entirely, dear. But if you're feeling a bit adventurous and not entirely sure, indulge in a little skin test first—a mere 24-hour preview, if you will.

    Now, it pains us to even whisper this, but alas, we must: we're not responsible for any unexpected twists and turns your skin might take. So, if you're experiencing any discomfort or irritation, kindly bid adieu to the product and consult your skincare sage for guidance.

    Because Scentie, while our potions are pure magic, every royal journey deserves a touch of caution.

      View our Candle Care page to see how to care for your candles.

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