Our Story

ScentsXchange strives for you to incorporate selfcare into your everyday routine. Our all natural products provide relaxation, help you relieve stress, and improve your quality of sleep so that everyday is your selfcare day. Our goal is for you to create a lifestyle that you don’t have to vacation from. We use essential and fragrance oils from around the globe. There are no synthetic fragrances, phthalates, or parabens within our products.
Amber Williams
Founder & CEO
I bring a blend of education and outgoing personality to each and every product. I introduced myself to the industry after realizing I wasn’t living for my purpose and being a single mother that was constantly overstressed, overwhelmed, and overworked had to go. I created ScentsXchange and quickly became the selfcare expert. I feel that selfcare is very important and it's how you become more effective in your everyday life. We strive for our customers to make selfcare a priority by helping them to maximize their selfcare so that they're operating in it at its full capacity.