Collection: Black Mama Collection

This collection was inspired by our Black Queens. If you grew up with a Black Queen then you know there are classic sayings that you were told. In this collection, we've highlighted: 

  • You Smellin' Yourself - When you begin to think you're too cute or too good for your own good, Black Queens will say this so you can humble yourself before she humbles you. This scent has notes of Orange, Cinnamon, and Sandalwood. 
  • Go Sit Down Somewhere - If your Black Queen is on the phone, you know it's time to sit down. This scent will leave you feeling relaxed while your kids are "sitting down". It has notes of Lavender and Sage. 
  • You Smell Like Outside - The outside smell is offensive to Black Queens. You either need to go back outside or take a shower. This scent has notes of Bergamot, Cucumber, and Violet.